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Dear Parents.

Alist was founded with the intention and dedication to building and developing children to become outstanding in wherever life may take them. Every experience with us counts in equipping the children with the knowledge, skills and charisma to bring out the best in them. The emphatic attitude of our trainers in different fields make it possible for Alist to produce graduates that is well-equipped to stand-out as professional in the future. Our strong foundation aids our persistent and significant contribution to the child development industry as regarding production of high potential graduates capable of taking the world by storm.

To the average joe, modelling is just walking with style, magic is just pulling a rabbit from a hat, but to Alist, all these requires a lot of training, practice and dedication to perfect the art. With the help of our trainers, we believe our training will go a long way to shape the child with better focus, patience, discipline and so much more. At Alist, our ultimate goal is to help every child out there to realize their hidden potential and personality. From self-image, temperament, courage to confidence through intensive practice and learning.

What make us different and unique among the other academies is that we believe that fun is the key to learning. To capture and wow the child will be our first goal to spark their interest. Together with qualified and experienced trainers in different field, it is the perfect combination.

Does the above is what you hope your child to achieve? If yes, let Alist take on the responsibility to make your child’s dream comes true.

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Why Alist Academy


High Expectation

High expectation of students have been shown to have a positive impact of the performance. When accustomed to the high standard, it is natural for them to always do their best.


Ongoing Evaluation

An academy can only be successful if both student and trainers are continuously evaluated. Only with evaluation and positive feedback that one can grow.


Goals & Direction

A specific goal and direction allows both students and trainer to achieve together. Every goal and achievement will be celebrate no matter how big or small.


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Experienced top trainers


Outstanding children developed


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