The Kids & Teens Modeling program are designed for children from 5 – 18 years and offered to both boys and girls. The objective is to provide an insight into the modelling industry whilst having fun, making new friends and learning. Emphasis is placed on developing children’s confidence, general manners and social participation.

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Kids & Teens Modeling

Some of the topics we cover in modeling program.

Why Alist Academy


High Expectation

High expectation of students have been shown to have a positive impact of the performance. When accustomed to the high standard, it is natural for them to always do their best.


Ongoing Evaluation

An academy can only be successful if both student and trainers are continuously evaluated. Only with evaluation and positive feedback that one can grow.


Goals & Direction

A specific goal and direction allows both students and trainer to achieve together. Every goal and achievement will be celebrate no matter how big or small.


Contest created


Experienced trainers


Outstanding children developed


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